….2016 event

The Tropical Tangled Garden

On Sunday, June 5, 2016 we had a full day planned with calligrapher and CZT Cherryl Moote. The workshop was guaranteed to expand yourchatelain orchids
tangling horizons and get your creative juices flowing. Our first focus was drawing tropical plants – big juicy leaves, spirals of fiddleheads, exotic orchids – using the principles of the Zentangle method to make the process relaxing and meditative. Next we learnt how to use watercolour, and watercolour pencils to make the tropical garden come alive with colour and drama. Finally we made a few simple cuts and folds and create a stunning accordion book with our artwork. The finished result looked amazing.

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50% of our delegates came last year!

The feedback form was completed by 36/42  delegates. They said:

Would you attend the two days next year?     25/ 36 said yes    4/36 said no     2/36 unsure

Did you enjoy your day? 32/36 said very much   1/ 36 said somewhat and 0/36 said not really

Was it interesting and engaging for you as a learner? 33/36 said yes  and 3/36 no answer

Did you meet other tanglers and feel a part of the larger community?  32/36 said very much   1/ 36 said somewhat and 0/36 said not really

We had 12 CZT’s attending.