looking back …… the 2015 event…


beginning of the day

welove2tangle bagThe first WeLove2Tangle gathering was a great success. I wanted to gather together all kinds of tanglers to meet each other and learn for other CZT’s.



tangling away….

We had just over 50 people Calgary, Canmore, Cochrane, Grand Prairie, Edmonton, Red Deer, Three Hills, Revelstoke, Cranbrook and Saskatoon.

I asked them if they would return if we had another gathering next year and of the 46 surveyed 37 indicated they would attend again, 9 people were not sure or said maybe and one person said no. Not bad for a first event!


The notebook in the welcome package was designed so delegates could tangle on it while they listened to sessions

This day was not designed to be intimate setting like you get when taking a class from a CZT. This was about feeling the energy from lots of like minded folks that were also interested in Zentangle as an art form.  The focus was learning and tangling as a large group of 50, meeting new people who sat near you, if you wanted, talking to others at the breaks and lunch, seeing works from CZT’s, shopping, talking, chatting about favourite books about the art of zentangle and yes more shopping.    A whole different feeling was achieved.    If you want intimate learning and a different experience then a zentangle class is perfect for that. Please contact me if you would like to take classes in a smaller setting. Sgchatelain@gmail.com


Laura drawing a door prize donated by Zentangle.com a little stained glass Bijou tile holder.

A big thank you to all who helped in one way or another, Barry, Alessa, Trishia, Janis, Leanne, Andrea, and Barb.  Especially Barry who had to put up with me for the last few months as I worked, planned and fretted over things.

Another big thank you to all our supporters who donated door prizes, valued at just over $650.00.


Here’s what our day looked like

The Morning:

Laura Harms, a CZT from Saskatoon, shared her Origin Story. I wanted a session that really represented the potential impact zentangle has on a persons life.   We hear so many stories and reasons why people tangle and how it helps them focus, relax or build confidence and destress.  This unique session allowed us to hear directly from Laura how ‘The Diva’ came about and how Zentangle has impacted her life in such amazing ways.  Experienced tanglers know Laura from her blog only and it was fascinating to hear the whole story of how this all come about. And as tanglers do, many tangled as they listened.

Laura demonstrated Phicops. She said she was nervous as she doesn’t often speak to large groups, so this helped her to relax and get into a more comfortable speaking space. How often do you get to learn a tangle live form the person who created it?  Well, almost, her husband Brad created this one. A special treat for all of us in the room.  The other tangles that Laura demonstrated were the Diva Dance set of three: Waltz, Fox Trot and Rock and Roll. Rick and Maria made these tangles in honour of Laura’s 100 post on I am the Diva CZT, a go to site for a serious tangler. Again, an honour to have these tangles taught to us personally by Laura, something that was not lost on our tanglers.

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 The Afternoon:

I Love that Tangle:  In the afternoon we had two short 1/2 hour session that were placed on each end of the 2 hour session. These were intended to work though a tangle and then do some tangelations of it.

To begin our afternoon, Nina Kliman, a CZT from Calgary showed the group a tangle mOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAany beginner tanglers know, Crescent Moon. She showed a good number of tangelations for Crescent Moon.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe other I Love That Tangle session was given by Cindy Hagen, a CZT from Cranbrook, BC.  Between was her tangle and she did a very zen like session where we drew the column form of Betweed then the starfish style of it.

When taking a class from a CZT you will often hear, slow down and enjoy that stroke, or notice how the pen leaves that beautiful dark, black line on your tile.  Cindys session allowed everyone to engage in that important relaxed focus while doing her tangle. One element of zentangle that I love is that it can be taught through drawing only. Rick and Maria have a  DVD that comes in the official zentangle kit and the DVD ” has no spoken words and just a few written words. Yet, after watching it, you will understand how our Zentangle method works enough to begin to really enjoy creating in a Zentangle way.”


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Margaret Bremner, a CZT from Saskatoon did our 2 hour afternoon session. Hollibaugh and Paradox were the tangles that Margaret showed us.  Demonstrating the tangle then some tangelations of each tangle, including the now named tangles Morse and Windfarm. You really need to check out Margarets blog to see the pieces she did.  She then donated two tiles she finished that day to our door prizes and I think her biggest fan was drawn to receive one of the tiles! very special. Margaret also ended the day with a session that gave a new way to approach strings, using game board tiles. She showed some amazing tiles and then let everyone work on their own to complete as many tiles stings as they wanted. This session was great at the end of the day, a self paced session. Margaret demonstrated at the front so those who did not have any energy left could just watch as she tangled away!   … a treat in itself to watch a fluent tangler work.

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And wow did everyone love shopping! Laughing Orchid Studio for Zentangle supplies and Kensington Art Supplies for anything else a tangler might desire.

CZT’s were invited t bring some of their art work and what a beautiful display we made form it all. Eye candy for any tangler.

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Tangle that Welcome bag and post a picture! We’d love to see it.

welove2tangle bag

What tangles would you use?



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